Taxation Services

Special Tax Services 2015 Flyer

My professional services includes following but not limited to:

  • Business Accounting and Tax Services (Ontario, Quebec and US)
    • Bookkeeping and payroll services
    • financial statements and tax planning
    • Cost accounting and budget preparation
    • Income tax filing for individual and business
    • GST/HST and other business taxes
    • Fair value assessment and auditing
  • Business Registration and Incorporation Services
    • Business plan and start-up
    • Company registration and incorporation
    • Year-end financial reporting
    • Board report for corporation directors and shareholder
  • Financial System Design and Implementation
    • IFRS adoption and implementation
    • Quickbooks and Simply Accounting for SMEs
    • SAP System Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Bookkeeping System Services
    • Cloud computing services for accounting system
  • Small Business Website Hosting and Design
    • Website design and hosting
    • E-Commerce and E-Marketing Consulting Services
  • Quickbooks Accounting and Website Design Training
  • Online marketing, social media and e-business consulting
  • Hands-on training for Quickbooks accounting
  • Workshop on business website and SEO
  • Others
    • Tax planning for individuals and corporations
    • Estate and Retirement planning
    • Corporation business fair value valuations
    • Personal financial statements of net worth
    • Tax dispute resolution
    • SR&ED tax credits

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