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Bing Wang CPA,  a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), hold a MBA (Canada) in Business Accounting and Finance, and a Ph.D degree (UK) in Business Management. He is a Canada and US tax accounting specialist,  and also an experienced E-business Consultant.

Bing Wang CPA is a senior partner in AccXpert Business Solutions Ltd. (a professional accounting firm based in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada),  a chief financial adviser and director of U.S. Paramount Investment Holding, L.L.C., and a founder, director of CeBA Canada (a Canadian eBusiness Association).

Since Bing Wang CPA and his CPA partners jointly formed AccXpert Business Solutions Ltd, he has saved small business owners literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes through his savvy interpretations of the tax laws and his ability to help individuals and business owner’s structure, operate, and organize their financial affairs to their best overall advantage. 

Bing Wang CPA has extensive years experiences for  business tax and accounting services for small business in Canada and U.S.,  and has provided high quality, low cost, quick services with best customer satisfactions for Canadian small business owners and corporations. In addition, he has Canadian and US business and real estate investment experience and had provided many years tax planning and filing services for rental income both from Canada and US invested properties and other business incomes.

Bing Wang CPA professional tax & accounting services’ key client base include hi-tech start-ups, IT consultants, professionals, real estate agents, real property investors, international holding corporations, international trade businesses, on-line sales, restaurants, dollar shops, convenience stores, health services, day care center, training schools,  beauty salons, and non-profit organizations etc.

Bing Wang CPA provides professional accounting services includes following but not limited to:

  • Business Accounting and Tax Services (Ontario, Quebec and US)
  • Business Registration and Incorporation Services
  • Financial System Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Bookkeeping System Services
  • Small Business Website Hosting and Design
  • E-Commerce and E-Marketing Consulting Services
  • Quickbooks Accounting and Website Design Training
  • Tax planning for individuals and corporations
  • Estate and Retirement planning
  • Corporation business fair value valuations
  • Personal financial statements of net worth
  • Retirement needs and cash flow analysis
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • SR&ED tax credits

Please contact Bing Wang CPA at or call 613-366-5988 (office).

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Bing Wang, CPA, CMA, Tax Accountant, Ottawa, Canada

Phone: 1-613-600-6988 (text)  Email:

AccXpert Tax Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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